I represent a club which was created by legends that strived for a place where they could belong, a place where they could call home. Heroes which gave all their spare time to ensure that the club could survive, heroes which wanted to create a place where their children and friends could come together and enjoy! It is with honour and pride that I represent this badge and all that it stands for, it is a privilege to be able to have the opportunity to contribute my mark and legacy to the story of this great club.


• Working to my maximum in all trainings, understand that by giving my best in each session, helps my team and myself
• I will always be prepared, arriving on time will be a priority, ensuring I come to
trainings and games switched on
• I will make it my mission to complete my recoveries post trainings and games and every time without fail
• I understand that the team is bigger than any individual. I will remain disciplined by putting the team above my own needs

• I will always be respectful, helpful and approachable
• If I say I will do something, I will make sure I DO it
• I won’t gossip about my teammates or bag my teammates to others
• I will always look to chop wood and carry water regardless of my circumstances
“The little things are easy to do, easy to disregard, but to know that if I do them well and do them without hesitation this will allow me to flourish”

• I will always fight to the very end and never give up
• I will never quit. If knocked down, I will get up, every time. I will draw on every remaining ounce of strength to protect my teammates and to accomplish our mission
• I won’t make excuses, I won’t pass blame – I’ll make sure we stick together always

• Realising every time, I must give my best effort on or off the field, in practice and in games,
I make my team a better team. Every time I do less than my best, I hurt my team and myself through both my attitude and my actions
• I will make sure the things I can control I will do to the best of my ability at all times – I will run for my teammates, I will forget about a bad pass received or made and concentrate on the next action I complete, to complete it to my best standard

➢ I will ALWAYS applaud our supporters – WIN, DRAW or LOSE
➢ I will try to get to know the people behind the scenes which make the club so great
➢ I will shake my teammates hand pre-trainings
➢ I will respect each persons individuality and different cultures
➢ I will be constructive in any feedback I give to my teammates
➢ I won’t mock or bring my teammates down, instead I will try to lift him up

➢ In any interviews I will focus on the process and not the end results
➢ I won’t worry about others outside of the club, I will only focus on us
➢ I won’t get caught up in posting things that may jeopardise the club, the team or an individual on social media
➢ If people are bagging the club or players on social media, I will not get involved
➢ I will not bad mouth the team or club to individuals within or outside of the club
➢ I will be approachable and polite to fans who want to have a conversation

➢ I will be disciplined toward training
➢ I won’t let my poor session influence the team, control the controllable
➢ I will be on time, ready to go physically and mentally
➢ I will inspire my teammates and drive standards at all times
➢ I will be coachable
➢ I will do extras either before or after but only when I am physically ready to do so

➢ I will make sure I ALWAYS bring a positive vibe inside the changeroom
➢ I will encourage and be positive with my teammates
➢ I will respect the room and equipment as if it were my own – cleaning up after myself, cleaning boots outside, placing bibs and tops on hooks or folded neatly etc
➢ I will NEVER place our jersey on the floor
➢ I will respect teammates pre-match routines within the changeroom
➢ If I am the last person to use it, I am responsible for it

➢ I will be proactive, my own injury prevention is my responsibility
➢ I will be honest with the team in chats, surveys etc
➢ I will take my recovery seriously, ice baths, nutrition etc
➢ I will make sure I complete my surveys on time, every time
➢ I will respect the sports science team and understand that we are all in this together

➢ Make sure I have the right pre-match nutrition
➢ I will wind down and try to get a good nights sleep
➢ I will make sure my boots are tidy, my gear is packed
➢ I will make sure I leave early enough to get to the ground on time
➢ I will avoid distractions
➢ I will try to visualise the things I want to make it happen during the game

➢ I will be positive – always giving 100%
➢ I will know my roles and responsibilities – if I am unsure, I WILL ASK
➢ I will stand up for my teammates no matter what
➢ I will be ultra-competitive
➢ I will understand that I am an important link in our chain, it is not about me but more about the collective
➢ I will be humble in defeat and show humility when we win
➢ I understand that every time I take to the pitch I represent the club and honour its history. I will protect the brand and be immense in what I can contribute for the betterment of the team and club
➢ I know that it’s the team before the individual, I will play a pass if in a better position, I won’t make a scene if being subbed off or not starting