The Dandenong City Soccer Club is committed to providing a safe, healthy, family friendly and successful sport environment.

Dandenong City Soccer Club opposes all forms of harassment, discrimination and bullying.

The Governing Bodies are committed to providing an environment in which people are treated fairly and equitably and that is, as far as practicable, free from all forms of
discrimination and harassment.




Dandenong City Soccer Club will NOT tolerate any behaviour that is offensive, abusive, belittling, intimidating or threatening whether this is face-to-face, indirectly or via
communication technologies such as mobile phone and computers (via Social Media).

Racism takes many forms and can happen in many places. It includes prejudice, discrimination or hatred directed at someone because of their colour, ethnicity or national

People often associate racism with acts of abuse or harassment. However, it doesn’t need to involve violent or intimidating behaviour. Take racial name-calling and jokes. Or consider situations when people may be excluded from groups or activities because of where they come from.