1. Parent / Guardian frequently asked questions:

We are welcoming new players in the girls phase, however now that the season has started, please enter your expression of interest prior to registering. This step will ensure we discuss a position for your child prior to registering.  The expression of interest link is here: https://dandenongcitysc.majestri.com.au/2024-female-only-expression-of-interest?fbclid=IwAR3Iygb6G3cydaWlVi36bfRMTndF7x8GN27vXheSubZFCkzxj_-ZVLbrFwk


2. What steps are required to register for the 2024 season ?

Once we have advised that there is a position available for you, the registration link for the 2024 season is –https://dandenongcitysc.majestri.com.au/2024-season (payment is required for this registration)

If you are a new player - you will need a Football Victoria Player Number – click this link to fill out the form or if you are an existing player you will need to nominate Dandenong City SC as your club, click here - https://registration.playfootball.com.au/common/pages/reg/WelcomeRegPlus.aspx?entityid=7783&save=0 (There is no payment required for this registration)


3. Where do you train for pre-season and throughout the season? And what time will training be?

              Training will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays with games held on Sundays.


Training facilities:

(Please note that these arrangements are subject to change due to ground availability, allocation and council requirements)


Tuesdays - Tatterson Park - Keysborough (Oval 1)

Thursdays - Dandenong City SC – 2 Baden Powell Drive Endeavour Hills


Training times:  (likely to be but again subject to change due to ground availability and allocation)

Miniroo Girls aged 6 to 12 – 5:45 to 7pm

Junior Girls aged 13 and above & Seniors – 7:15 to 8:45pm


4. How many weeks is there of training in total?

Training is held twice per week – Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We are aiming to start Pre-Season on Tuesday January 30, 2024 and the season will generally finish mid-September. Estimated to be 32 weeks in total.


5. Does your program cater for off-season training?

Our football philosophy is to play as much football throughout the year as possible.  The Club offers off-season programs (at additional costs) for players to opt-in and continue training and play futsal after the season has ended.  The games are held at Springers in Keysborough and are either on Friday nights or Sunday mornings.  This is not compulsory but offers a different element/environment/aspect to their football development and also enjoyment. Older age groups will be able to choose between Futsal or the Youth Super Cup. The approximate cost of the off season program is around $250 per player.


6. Do you offer strength and conditioning training?

Yes, Strength and Conditioning classes run in partnership with The Sports Clinic of Football, lead by Tim Schleiger. The program runs per term, and it works out to be $25 per session. 10 players maximum per session, location is at St Johns Regional College. Please click on the link to register https://the-sports-clinic-of-football.accounts.ud.io/timetable/?facility=527130


7. What does the Registration fee include?

  • The program runs for an estimated 32 weeks – the $500 registration fee works out to be $15.65 (rounded up) per week.
  • Other inclusions are, but not limited to:
  • Football Victoria Player Registration Fee
  • Playing top, shorts and socks
  • Training top, shorts and socks
  • Full Tracksuit (jacket and pants)
  • Sports backpack
  • Tournaments included
  • Dandy Cup (hosted by Dandenong City SC)
  • Casey Cup
  • I&D Cup
  • Junior Cro Cup
  • ** Costs for additional tournaments will be opt-in and split evenly with team members.
  • Training and match day equipment, supplies and maintenance, etc.
  • Facility maintenance, etc
  • Other various expenses towards the running of the club.


8. Is there an option for my daughter to play with the boys?

We have had many girls train and play with our miniroo boy’s teams. The Club will need to assess this on a case-by-case basis to further discuss the option of playing with the miniroo boys. Please register your interest in the girls program to begin with and in the notes of the EOI please mention that you would like to be assessed for this option.


Girls Wanted

We still have spots available in our girls teams:

  • U8s
  • U15/16s

To express your interest please click this link:



Training has commenced: Every Tuesday and Thursday

Time: 5:45pm to 7:00pm (For U8, U10, U11 & U12) 7:00pm to 8:45pm (U14, U16, U17/18, Seniors)
Training days: Every Tuesday and Thursday
Location: Tuesday Tatterson Park Keysborough – Thursday (Home ground) Dandenong City SC Endeavour Hills.