Dandenong City Soccer Club (DCSC) is a community soccer club run by volunteers and relies on your fees as its major source of income to remain financially viable.

On occasion, a club member may leave our club or stop playing soccer and seek to have registration fees refunded. Accordingly, the club has adopted this refund policy.

In the event of a refund of registration fees being sought the following principles will apply;

1. If the player is unable to be place into a team - 100% of the registration fees, including deposit, will be refunded.
2. For community player registration fees - the deposit amount of $200 is strictly non-refundable, subject to consideration of principle.
3. For JBNPL player registration fees – the full fee paid is non-refundable, subject to consideration of principle 3.
4. Only refund requests caused by exceptional circumstances (e.g. serious illness or injury, relocating of parent/s, etc) will be considered by the Club Committee on an individual basis.
5. Registrations are not transferrable between players.
6. Where a player’s registration is withdrawn by the Club for breaches of either DCSC Codes of Conduct or any Football Victoria (FV) Codes of Conduct, no refund will be paid.


Any request for refund of fees must be on the form below and be forwarded or the attention of the Club Treasurer by post or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Request for Registration Refund

Player Name



Player Team Age (e.g. U8, U14NPL)



Total Amount of Fees Paid



Contact Number



Contact Email Address



Reason for Refund









Signed _____________________________________________________ Dated ________________________

The Club Treasurer and at least one other Committee Member will evaluate the request and decide on the outcome