The Dandenong City Soccer Club is committed to providing a safe, healthy, family friendly and successful sport environment.

All members of the Club have a responsibility to ensure that they take reasonable care to protect their own health and safety. People often experience sunburn and skin damage when playing or watching sport due to extended periods exposed to high levels of UV without appropriate sun protection.




Check the SunSmart UV Alert times to find out when sun protection is required. As a general rule, sun protection is needed from the beginning of September to the end of April in Victoria or whenever UV levels are 3 and above. Particular care should be taken during the middle of the day when UV levels are highest. From May to August in Victoria, sun protection isn’t usually needed unless near highly reflective surfaces such as snow, outside for extended periods or when the UV reaches 3 and above.

Schedules, fixtures and rule modifications (including a cancellation policy)

Where possible, training, events and competitions are scheduled to minimise exposure to UV and heat.

Cancellation of training, events or competition occurs according to the rules of Football Victoria when high risk conditions are forecast.

Sun protection measures

1. Sunscreen

SPF 30+ broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen is promoted and/or provided to all members and visitors. The first aid kit in the Team Manager's Room includes a supply of SPF 30+ broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen.
Sunscreen is available in the canteen.

2. Shade

When not actively playing or between individual events, participants are able to rest in shaded areas. The use of shade from buildings, trees and other structures is utilised where possible (e.g. for player interchange, marshaling areas, spectator areas).

3. Clothing

Tops/Jerseys should be loose fitting and lightweight. Where the uniform or training clothing does not provide adequate sun protection, participants are reminded to apply SPF 30+ sunscreen to all exposed skin.