What to do if someone is at training and shows symptoms of COVID-19

If someone is at training when they find out or begin to suspect they have the virus, these are the seven steps to follow




Inform and Isolate Team coach / Manager / Adult immediately. Move away from the group to parent.

2 Isolate:Remove the person from others.
3 Contact DHHS:  Contact the national COVID-19 hotline on 1800 020 080, and follow the advice of health officials and follow the advice given.


Transport:Parent should take their child from training. Based on the advice of medical professionals should then go home or to a medical facility.


Clean:Club to inform Council and take advice regarding, the area where the person has been training and all the places they have been should be cleaned.


Identify:Ensure the register of attendance is complete and make this available to medical authorities on request. The club will cooperate in full with all authorities.